Getting Started

So You Just Found Our Site

Did you receive an email from our site informing you that a family member filled in some information for you? Or are you the first member of your family to use this site? Either way, the next step will be to create an account.

If you did receive an email informing you that someone had created a profile of you, then follow the link given in the email to register an account and proceed to Step 3.

Otherwise, you may create your account by following Step 2 below.

Start Here Box
Create Your Account

Start by creating an account with us so you can create and edit your own profile, and start to add and edit those of your family.

Registration Link

You can Register an account by clicking on the above link, the Registration Link on a login form, or by using the Start Here box on our Homepage.

Many parts of the site are secure and you won't be able to see all of or edit your profile info without logging in. After creating your account, you can Login by clicking on the above link or the Login Link on a registration form.

Setup Your Profile

Once your have activated your account, you may login and go to My Account.

If you created your account from the link in the profile notification email you received, then your existing profile should already be associated with your account; proceed to Step 4.

Otherwise, if you have no profile associated with your account, you will see a Notification Message.

Notification Message Browse or Search Associate Profile Link

If someone else created your profile, you can associate it with your account so you will be able to control the info. Click on the Associate Profile link to get started. If you already know where your profile is, you can click on Browse and then go to your profile, or you can find your profile by Searching for it. Once your are at your profile page, click on the Associate Profile link, and we will send a message to the current editor who, if he/she chooses, will associate your profile with your account. Once you can edit your info, it’s important that you expand on your information and correct any inaccuracies.

Create Your Profile

If your profile has not already been created, you can Create Your Profile and add your info yourself.

Edit Family Page Add Relatives
Find/Add Relatives

Some of your relatives may have already been added to the site. If someone started your profile, then your relatives’ profiles may have been added to your profile; if not, you can still add relatives using existing profiles, but either way, though you will be able to view the full profile of a relative, you will need permission from the editor before you can edit a relative’s info.

To start adding relatives to your profile, click an Add Relative link for your profile. This can be found on your profile’s homepage, navbar, Edit Family page, or tree profile popup.

If your Relative’s Profile has Already Been Added, then you must locate and go to his or her profile. If you haven’t found the profile yet, you can search for a relative to find his/her profile. Once you have found a relative‘s profile, you may have to request permission from the editor to view the full profile. Once This is the Relative's Profile you are sure you have found the right profile, indicate that This is the Relative’s Profile to continue through the add relative process.

If your relative has not yet been created, then indicate that you Need to Add a New Profile, and you will be taken through the Add New Person process.

Add Relative

Register A New Account

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